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Taco and it's feature-set scope

2 weeks have passed so another addition to the newsletter about Taco, and it's not something new about the product but more about what the product is and about. The whole scope of the product and by when do I plan to achieve this whole scope.

All of this information already exists over multiple dev logs and blog posts on both the website and this one. So I thought I'll batch it up in one post so it's easier to refer to when needed.

What is Taco ?

Taco is a Tasks and Collaboration tool which in the simplest terms can be defined as a project manager. It exists as a comination of handling time based tasks and project resources in one place.

Product X already does that, Why build another one?

I know that the same are very well developed by various companies and have been around for long enough to be considered a lot more stable than something barelyhuman would build. But, it doesn't stop there, if there was no competition, you'd never see newer better alternatives.

This doesn't mean that I plan to compete with the giants, I'm an average developer from a city in India that's building it with India as the base market for a very simple reason. Jira/Asana/etc are really expensive when taken in consideration the amount of initial investement a small startup has and for something so basic as a project manager.

What features is it going to have?

Here's a simple list of things I plan to add to it.

When is all this going to be ready ?

Considering that I only work on weekends on these projects as finding time for this in my normal day life is close to impossible I plan all of it to be ready by the end of the year , preferrably early January 2022, because the longer this project takes the longer I have push other tools and plans out of the way. Then there's the marketing factor involved which is I plan on spending at least a few months on, and hopefully that works out well. I don't know, can't predict the future, can I?

Is it going to be open source?

I can make it open source but I don't really plan to, making it open source makes it a lot easier for the security vulnerabilities to be found for potential attacks and while it also brings people who'd help get rid of it, I'm not really concrete on the idea of making it open source. I might but I'm not going to confirm that it will be.

What happens to TillWhen?

Tillwhen was an experiment and I understand that there are people who would like to just use the time logger but I personally think that tillwhen could be improved a lot but since I'm packed on this project, updates and maintenance of it is going to be very slow and that can be bad for the actual users, which I wouldn't want. So, while the initial plan was to let the active users know that TillWhen will be shut down after version 1 of Taco, I'm going to rethink about how I'll do it, since you can still support barelyhuman by using it and donating because you liked TillWhen or any other tool that you can find on my GitHub.

Why not just improve TillWhen and add all this in it?

As I said, tillwhen was an experiment and was built like one. The arch was random, the feature implementations were janky and while I've not seen any bugs first hand on it and it just works, maintaining it requires patience and considering my OCD , I'll sit and refactor the hell out of it instead of scaling it up first, which while being the right thing to do, the end user might not see any difference other than maybe a slight performance increase.

Though, it's not the end of the world, I can always pick TillWhen back up in case Taco doesn't work out.

What is the pricing plan you have in mind?

The pricing plan is going to be a really simple one, no complex computations for something so simple. You have a hobby plan which you pay nothing for. Then you have a team plan where you pay for each member of the team for a month, which is going to be about 2$ for each member + the gateway charges (because I'm not getting funded or sponsored for building this) so the final invoice for a 5 man team would be somewhere around 12$, obviously this would differ based on where you are located and the exchange rates during the time.

That's too low! How will you survive on that? , it's not that hard, I'm not living in a very expensive country or city and the target is to first make the product self sustaining , when it starts being able to pay for it's own server charges and domains, that's success milestone 1. The 2nd milestone is how many users can I get, which doesn't have a limit , I'd be happy with 1 , I'd be happy with 2, but logically if the first milestone was hit, I'll probably have about 10 users which is good enough though I won't put a limit on that number.

I guess those are all the points I spanned across multiple posts and is now in one , so I hope that clears out everything. If there's anything else you need to know, you are free to send a mail across from the contact page