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Let's see, did I even do something the past week?

I did. Not much, but it was fun stuff


As intended there was a bit of code cleanup and ended up spending a good amount of time writing tests for a few of the API's that I was adding and removed a few elements from the UI that weren't needed for now and cleaned up a few UI elements and made them more minimal where needed.

CRI - Custom Rom Index

CRI got updated with more sync scripts and now has a total of 15 Custom ROM, more to come but the sync saves time and makes the sync last longer as more and more devices come into picture since the 3/15 Custom ones have actually been doing this for a long time and them targetting a new device normally open's up the space for other ROM developers and so syncing from them means that I don't have to manually add devices and ROM's every week.


I announced this on as a Tweet a few days back and have worked on it for about 4-5 days now. It's a simple CSS-in-JS implementation that is trying to be JS Platform agnostic. As in, it will try to support Web, React Native, Electron (web, mobile, desktop) without changing the api much and since it's pluggable, I plan to let the community work on it and make their own plugins to improve the experience as needed.

You can see videos of this in action on the Youtube Channel if you'd like to

That's about it actually,

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