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There's not been much in terms of development the past weekend since I've been travelling around without much time to work but I've done a few changes and I'll go through them.


With regards to Taco, was able to revamp the landing page, and tasks page a little more to make it as minimalistic as needed. Also partially done with the login system being a magic link login instead of the password login which I really prefer.

It was quick since I just had to pick code from TillWhen's codebase and I was done, I say partial because the tests for the same aren't done yet and I'll be adding that sometime this weekend, while travelling.

You can go through the new UI on


The in-house SSG generator now supports auto generating OG images for you based on title but it can obviously be improved, you can check the Open Graph images generated by trying to link to any blog post on both Barelyhuman and Reaper websites.

og-image and og-image-api

Wrote a small cli tool with go to generate the Open Graph images and then wrote a api service that uses the tool, the api is bare right now and has no web UI to help you generate images in a more seamless manner, contributors welcome if you wish to accelerate the development of the same.

That's about it for what's happened in the past weekend, hopefully will be able to do a lot more.

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