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Another week passes by and we're already close to October, like slow down a little!

Getting back to work and development cause that's all I do....

Saturday was fun, woke up around 2 PM and then just sat on my bed thinking about what to do, and then it was somehow already 4. Then I just jumped onto one of the projects that's been waiting to get simple additions to itself.


If no one remembers what statico is then it's fine, I haven't talked about it in weeks / months / I don't really know...
The cli was built as an MVP concept of working with Go Templates and Markdown to build simple and quick static websites, example the blog you are reading this on.

What's left?

Oh yeah, Not everyone understands go templates and would just like to have something up really quick so I created a template repository that you can use to just get started with. It's simple enough to work with and can be modified to be more complex if you'd like it to be.


Last weekend I talked about starting a simple React UI Library for TillWhen and this weekend we actually styled the library instead of just create generic elements, wasn't able to add a lot of components cause I nitpick while doing design work and so I was just able to spend enough time to make the existing one's look decent.

You can check them out here

it is open source and is using stone as the theme manager because that's the best way to find what I can improve in stone. For now it's going to be the alias management, cause that's a little wonky right now


The star of my life for now since I'm trying to stay committed to completing this properly, the alpha instance now has improved UI for a lot of things.

Specifically the things that were changed / added were with respect to the Research Trails

and the other non visual improvements include

The plan for next weekend is to get done with the subscription and re-test the invitation flow enough times to make sure people don't have any hiccups while collaborating.

Minor stuff

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