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Log[3] / Taco

Late on the log I know,

I just fell asleep after waking up at 7, so didn't write anything and just woke up right before work today.

Back to the log.

The app now has notes added to it and in the format that I wanted it to be, I haven't added the ability to edit them yet so that's something I need to do. Also will be adding a full fledged text editor in the app for the new note flow instead of a small modal which works for now but is not ideal, considering I write a lot when doing research.

On the other hand there were minor fixes for the date formatting here and there and I did change the date-picker with taco-datepicker but the mini version looked very small in the modal and I'll have to make changes to the original date-picker library to accept custom size constraints, didn't want to do that in the first place because then every child has to dynamically size itself according to the constraints and the font would break at a set few combinations in theory and that is going to be hard to hold and the other option is just giving full css access to the rendering parent which is what I'll be doing.

That's all I was able to complete since I spent most time writing the remaining tests for the apis and making sure they all worked as needed, also i understand that people would like to actually have their own account accessible on the app but you'll have to wait a little longer for that.