Update October - 2020

Yeah, I haven't posted in quite sometime and really don't have anything that I'd
like you to know from me at this point but this update is just a chore.

We'll be going over things regarding


First Time reader? TillWhen is a time tracker that was built as an alternative
to the pricey time trackers out there and would like to be simple unless someone
requests for some crazy cool feature which I'm not sure if I'll build or not but
for now, it's simple.

Whats the Update? It now has a beta version of Tasks added to it, so you don't
have to use another tool to manage your tasks based on Projects and it's
Beta because I still haven't added project based filters and a per task time

Project Based Filters

Simple filters that'll help you segregate between tasks for specific projects,
pretty simple feature but I haven't pushed it into the live version yet.

Per Task Time Logger

So, there's a dilemma for this feature, should I add them as time trackers per
task or should I just redirect the user to the time logger and then follow the
normal flow. The per task one will allow users to have multiple tasks being run
simultaneously which would be nice , since I never actually am doing just one
task at a time but then the amount of timers running on the page can slow down
on certain older browsers and I wouldn't wanna do that so this feature is still
under consideration.

There's no roadmap to TillWhen but a much awaited feature would be a bot for
the tillwhen that you could integrate into slack and telegram and that's
something I plan on doing soon. The Telegram version is under tests and was
quite easy to go about,I haven't built a slack bot before so will have to go
through that soon.


I doubt that anyone knows about the existence of
Pending mainly because I never really talked about
it but it's a simple Kanban board at this point. The reason it's in this update
is that Pending will be getting a overhaul soon.

It was meant to be a browser based storage but getting the peer to peer data
sharing was something that would create friction for normal users and that's
something I didn't want. I mean having people store their project data offline
and on their system is fine but it normally involves a team and thus the
requirement of a distributed/central server. I wanted to go the distributed
route but I'll start with a central arch because It'll be easier to start with.


Pending is going to turn into a basecamp like central project board instead of
being just a browser storage kanban board.

What's Up with You?

Not much actually, got better at Go, going through the documentation of
Gio to be able to build decent GUI apps with Go and then
maybe build something small to test the waters.

Also, planning to move towards building system level tooling and get into
kernels and build tools so I can leave Web Development to be just a part of the
skillset and not the whole skillset. Kinda tired of frontend development for a
now, really into CLI tools and that's probably because I use the terminal more
than I use the GUI apps.

Experimenting with moving the Music to be have a cli version
so I don't have to open the browser , because the browsers take a lot more RAM
than needed.

A few apps that I switched to, to save some RAM.

The search for good cross platform GUI has ended, Gio as I mentioned above but
since I'm still learning, it'll take time to get used too. Another good option
is V Lang that comes with a ui package that is still in
alpha phase but is decent for GUI apps. The language itself is pretty easy to
learn but I'm going to wait for the package to mature a bit more. For people who
don't want to learn a new language then your options include libui bindings
for your specific language, it's pretty limited in terms of usable widgets but
can get the job done.

That's about it from me