Why do I end up re-designing everything ?

I've done this quite a few times when it comes to implementing minimal design
across tools and apps that I build. So in
this post I talked about why I re-designed
the todo app, when all I wanted to do was a add a filtering functionality but
then I redesigned the whole thing.

And technically, the idea for the colors was taken from the UI i was writing for
the markdown editor which then ended up being the
inspiration for me to modify the UI of
commitlog-web through which I created a
small library called themer and now I'm sitting here
writing this post indirectly back linking to everything I've created in the past
1.5 days just because I liked the input style I made for a markdown editor.

And this has happened before, I got inspired by
lancerlist.co and ended up cloning that color scheme
to all the apps I built that week/month.

From memory, I probably built a css resets library that cloned the color scheme
of lancerlist and maybe a dummy hiring network and a covid tracker that probably
doesn't work anymore.

I know it's not bad to do make something look good.
but! then I think that I do end up spending a lot of time doing this
re-design and making things look clean than actually working on something
meaningful that'd help a lot of people instead of just building stuff that I'd
use, though none of them were ever launched or promoted as products / tools for
the greater good so maybe I'm to blame for that.

Like, I could write a new repl.it clone that didn't need you
to sign up and create a new repl and then get to coding but just open a url and
boom, a repl to test snippets on, but then obviously the other guys wants to
make a living out of it so I can't blame him but nope, I'm going to write a dark
mode setup library (cause there's not enough of them already)

I mean, I learn a lot while building these smaller tools and apps but then it's
not something I can go to the market with or actually earn from it. Obviously
there are developers like Sindre and
Drew Devault that actually make a living out of open
source projects , both with totally different methods but both are full time
open source developers.

Argh, Offtopic!

I was talking about building useful stuff for people to use, that reminds me
commitlog reached about 48 stars at
the time of writing this, so that's really nice but let's see if I can build a
lot more tools that work well in everyone's workflow.

I want to try writing a bundler for once, the existing ones are good but then
they all assume the developer workflow a lot. Other than webpack and rollup,
which are really extensible and hence people create wrappers around them.
Anyway, I need to know what would be a better idea ? An online instant repl
environment or a bundler?

I guess you can mail in the answer, but for now.