My take on an open source job listing platform ?

Yeah yeah, another hiring platform , we've got so many , why would you build
another? and it looks so crappy, why would anyone use it?

Will answer all of that, give me a sec!

Now, Let's see. Click on the link below to get to it.


What's different!?

Nothing actually, its a lot worse than most of the sites at the moment. Reason
being, that I spent only a few hours to build this monstrosity.

Why would I use it?

You don't have to, I built it because of all the people that have been getting
layoffs from their employer due to the recent events and I thought it'd be nice
to have another platform for them to try out on.

And since I want people to actually get in touch with the candidate instead of
just judging and throwing away a profile based on what they see written on the

I know it saves them time to filter out unneeded profiles but then you miss out
on candidates that might be worth the time. This is pretty opinionated so let's
not get into a huge debate about it, cause at the end of the day I'd still apply
for a job which states 5 years of experience even when I hardly have 3.

You really think huge companies would get on it?

I don't know, I don't have that expectation, not when I haven't added all the
features that I think the platform should have. It's an MVP , enough to get 2
people connected. There's no email verification so yeah, I can have huge amounts
of junk signups by morning tomorrow. Thus, pushing people from actually even
using it.

Some might even say I built a platform that's built for spammers to abuse. While
I do realize that these issues exist. I'm still throwing it out and will be
working on improving it as soon as I can.

But still, The point of its existence is to help people out, now whether people
use it for the reason it was built or make it junkyard, it's on them.

I'll keep improving the site as I get more and more time, but for the time
being, as I need Iron Man playing in the background to work at full speed. This
is going to be it.

People are allowed to raise issues and send PR's.

It's open source for a reason!!

Update: The App now has Magic Link based login and signup, but sendgrid seems to
have a heavy loaded queue due to the twilio hackathon etc, etc so I don't think
the emails are getting delivered at the speeds that they should. Will shift to
nodemailer later. The UI has been beautified a little bit too. If that mattered

Update: Sendgrid servers seem to be back to normal and the app's login is now